Sound protection / noise control in a preschool


Preschool teachers in Porta Westfalica, Germany, told us about an effective noise reduction project in their preschool:

The rooms used by the preschool had originally been equipped with sound reduction panels, but the latter had been painted over at some point of time so that reverberation and noise in the rooms reached extremely high levels. This was very stressful and fatiguing for the preschool teachers and also for the children.

When looking for a solution on the internet, we soon found the company soniflex. We decided to order soni PROTECT 50 mm white sound absorber panels. We covered the ceiling as well as the upper part of the walls with the sound protection panels. The acoustically effective foam panels are very lightweight and easy to handle. So we had no trouble doing the installation ourselves, using soniflex special adhesive Four adults managed to install 102 m² (almost 1150 square feet) of noise reduction material in about 9 hours of work within two days.


The preschool teachers are very satisfied with the noise reduction effect of the acoustic foam panels. The reduced noise level also does away with a source of stress and distraction for the children. Now they do not have to shout anymore when playing or talking with each other.


Sound protection in a classroom


A school near Karlsruhe, Germany, installed soni TRAPEZ sound protection material in a classroom. Here’s the result:

Installing soni TRAPEZ sound protection elements on the ceiling of a classroom in the former attic led to a substantial reduction of the noise level - for a quiet, relaxing atmosphere that helps the children concentrate on their work.




Noise reduction in a preschool


The preschool teachers of the St. Josef daycare center in Senden, Germany, told us about their successful noise protection measure:

The preschool uses rooms on three floors. For the children in all-day attendance, we have nap rooms on the uppermost floor. The layout of the play rooms is optically very attractive: on the side where the windows are, the rooms have twice the height and you can see the nice wood ceiling. But a visually attractive architectural layout is not necessarily a good solution in terms of noise prevention. Wherever there are many children in the same room, you will have a certain amount of noise. But in our preschool the acoustic stress was just too much for the teachers. So some time ago we started looking for a noise reduction solution. After several attempts at solving the problem, either on the material level by adding curtains or on the behavior level with rules for quiet times etc., a friend recommended soni PROTECT sound protection panels.


So we – the preschool teachers – installed a “frieze” of soni PROTECT acoustic panels on the ceiling in all rooms.

Mounting the soni PROTECT sound absorber panels is extremely easy. The soniflex special adhesive takes some time to cure so you don’t have to hurry and the position of the panels on the ceiling can be adjusted after installation. The result looks quite professional. Actually, in terms of optics, you hardly notice the sound protection panels at all. But in terms of acoustics, the effect is all the more noticeable.

The sound protection panels substantially reduce the level of noise-induced stress for the teachers and the children alike. The group rooms are a lot less noisy now – which is a relief for the teachers as well as for the children!


Noise reduction in a preschool


After installing soniflex sound protection material at the Arche Noah preschool, the Protestant parish administration in Baienfurt, Germany, reports:

To reduce the overall noise level in the playroom of our preschool, we cut a variety of circles and semi-circles from soni PROTECT acoustic panels in different thicknesses and arranged them in a decorative pattern on the ceiling. Using templates, cutting the circles and semi-circles was very easy.

To fix the sound protection shapes on the ceiling we used soniflex special adhesive, which we ordered together with the panels. A very fast and effective installation method, without dust or dirt.

The result: At low costs and with a minimum of effort, we achieved a great result. Now the noise level is so much lower!.



Noise control in a school cafeteria


The Prostestant parish in Baienfurt-Baindt needed a noise control solution for the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer dining hall. Here’s their report:

The problem: In the large dining hall, reverberation was extreme because the room has neither carpeting nor curtains. The more people in the room, the higher the noise level.

The solution: We fixed pairs of semi-circles made from soni PROTECT sound absorber material on the ceiling around and between the partially recessed light fixtures. Each pair of semi-circles forms a full circle with 96 cm (38 inch) diameter, a 2.4 cm (close to 1 inch) gap included.

Using soniflex special adhesive, installation was fast and easy

The result: Improvement on both the acoustic and the visual level. The circles add a decorative aspect to the ceiling and reverberation is minimized - the optimum solution to our noise problem.


Noise control in a school


Noise reduction in the classrooms of the Joseph-Christian School in Riedlingen, Germany (translation of an excerpt of a local newspaper article)

When teachers, parents and children [...] complained more and more often about excessive noise, difficulties to concentrate and increasingly aggressive behavior, the chairperson of the parents’ association […] suggested that noise reduction measures be taken. Thanks to the initiative and excellent cooperation of a large number of parents […] all classrooms could be equipped with noise reduction material. On the 4-m high ceilings, regular rows of (soni TRAPEZ white) sound absorber elements were fixed and the upper part of the walls was covered with (soni PROTECT F light grey) sound absorbing panels.

The parents involved in the project and all teachers confirm the excellent noise reduction effect achieved by this measure. Much better than expected!.