Reduced noise level in function room



Acoustic conditioning and noise reduction in the public function room of a French town.

The problem: Right afIter its inauguration, the new multi-purpose function hall of a French municipality turned out to present a noise problem - the high degree of reverberation owing to the large window panes and the high ceiling had a negative impact on the atmosphere and led to a high noise level which became unbearable at any function involving a certain number of people. It was hard to listen to speeches or keeping up a conversation without shouting.

The task: Define and implement acoustic improvement measures in line with the applicable fire safety regulations.

The solution: White 50-mm thick soni PROTECT F noise reduction panels were installed on the ceiling to minimize reverberation, a very effective measure that limited the noise level during events to a tolerable level. As the soni PROTECT F acoustic panels comply with the requirements of the der B1 fire safety standard (flame retardant), noise reduction could be realized without compromising fire safety. The sound protection elements were glued to the ceiling using the soniflex special adhesive for noise reduction panels.



 The sound conditioning measure was carried out by:

33 rue du bourg
F-25560 La Rivière Drugeon


Noise reduction in a club room


A soccer club in Leipzig, Germany, had the ceiling of their club room sound-proofed. Here’s their report

During meetings or other events, the noise level in our club room was just insufferably high. It was all but impossible to have a quiet talk or focus on a discussion. The more people were present in the room, the worse became the noise.

Our club room is on the upper floor of our club house: a supplementary story built of prefabricated concrete elements.



Now that we have installed 500x500x25 mm soni PROTECT (white) sound protection panels (very affordable manufacturing seconds as available in the Special offers rubric) the noise level is absolutely tolerable even when many persons are present in the club room.

Noise reduction in a club house


Here’s what a tennis club near Ulm, Germany, wrote us about the result of noise reduction measure in their club house:

Since our club house is occasionally rented out for private functions and parties, we urgently needed to implement some kind of sound protection measure. Because of the high ceilings and the sound-reflecting tiled floors and large window panes, the reverberation level was simply too high. When many guests were present, the noise level was unpleasantly high.


Now the soni PROTECT sound absorber panels installed on the sloping ceiling and on the upper part of the walls are absorbing the noise, leading to a substantially reduced reverberation level in our club house. For the ceiling we used various special sizes of soni PROTECT panels available in the Special offer rubric on the soniflex homepage.