• Sound insulation and sound dampening in a single product
  • Robust and dirt-resistant surface
  • Combination product: heavy layer plus acoustic foam layer
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Content: 0.5 m² (€69.80* / 1 m²)
Prod. no. H80400001

Available in 15 days, delivery time 2-5 days

soni COMPOSITE is a combination product made from our synthetic soni EVA heavy layer and an acoustic foam laminated with a decorative felt layer. This ideal combination ensures a twofold noise-control effect: sound absorption plus sound insulation – for especially high overall effectiveness in reducing the noise level.

soni COMPOSITE is particularly suitable for sound-transmission insulation. Mounted on the wall towards the neighbor’s apartment or behind a so-called curtail wall, for instance, our two-layer acoustic product achieves a noticeable noise reduction. For individual design options, you have the choice of various felt colors. 
Using a carpet knife, you can cut soni COMPOSITE to the required size and shape. The self-adhesive equipment of the rear face serves primarily as an installation aid.
Technical data
Basic material: heavy foil
PUR foam
Applications: Car | Motor | Boat
Wall towards neighbors | Curtain wall
Production hall | Workshop
Heat pump | HVAC
Sound studio | Rehearsal room
Machine | Compressor | Utility room
Acoustic benefits: sound insulating
sound insulation and sound absorption
sound absorption
Size: 1000 x 500 mm
Note: oil- and water-resistant
easy handling
flammability details see technical data sheet
robust textile surface
Weight: 2.000 g
Temperature resistance: -40°C to +100°C
Color: light grey
Flammability: FMVSS 302, automotive fire safety standard
Thickness: 32 mm
Rear face: self-adhesive (sk)
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soni VLC-01
Our soni ADHESIVE TAPES are ideal for masking edges, covering and protecting fragile surfaces as well as for concealing joints and cracks. They score with excellent adhesion on a variety of substrates. Thanks to their wide range of applications, our soni ADHESIVE TAPES have become a bestseller in professional and private contexts. Our soni VLC-01 ADHESIVE TAPE with black non-woven surface perfectly matches the visible face of our black soni DECOR and soni COMPOSITE acoustic panels. It is ideal for covering outer edges or masking joints. The integrated scrim reinforcement prevents stretching. 

Content: 10 m (€1.79* / 1 m)


soni NBR sealing tape
soni NBR sealing tape is a closed-cell sealing material on the basis of NBR. A typical application of soni NBR is in the construction of a curtain wall, where it acoustically decouples the wooden lathing. Because of its suitability for contact with oils, e.g. engine oil, our sealing and decoupling tape has also proven to be an excellent solution for use in many technical areas as well as in vehicles, machines, enclosures, hoods and much more. Moreover, it is exceptionally hard-wearing and extremely resistant against deformation.  The self-adhesive rear face makes installation fast and easy. Roll length: 5 mThickness: 5 mmWidth: 40 mmHardness Shore 00: 31Tensile strength / ISO 1798: ≥ 205 kPa

Content: 5 m (€1.58* / 1 m)


soni fixing set
For the mechanical fixation of soundproofing material. Set 1 (for 25 to 32 mm thick material) consists of 20 nylon anchors 8x40, 20 screws 6x70/42 and 20 fixation disks. Set 2 (for 50 to 52 mm thick material) consists of 20 nylon anchors 8x40, 20 screws 6x90/56 and 20 fixation disks.  

Content: 1 set


Related products

Our sonit PROTECT R sound-insulation panel is a high-quality recycling product based on melamine resin. What makes soni PROTECT R so special is its excellent sound-absorption and sound-insulation capacity, which allows for effective sound-transmission prevention. When mounted in the empty space behind a curtain wall or false ceiling, soni PROTECT R minimizes the propagation of noise, vibration and resonances – for improved sound insulation of partitions, walls and ceilings. This puts an effective stop to the transmission of ambient noise or annoyingly loud sounds from neighboring apartments. Advice on building a curtain wall:For a curtain wall, dowel wooden laths of 30 or 50 mm thickness to the wall. Ideally, an elastic layer is placed between the wall and the laths to prevent sound bridges. Our soni NBR sealing tape is the ideal solution for such an elastic mounting. Then insert our sound-absorber product soni PROTECT R in the empty spaces between the laths and cover them with plaster boards or particle boards screwed to the laths. For even more effective sound absorption, soni PROTECT R can be mounted on the wooden laths (30 mm) instead of being applied directly on the wall. The resulting air gap acts as an extra sound insulation. To optimize the curtain wall you can "decouple" the plaster board / particle board from the floor and ceiling as well as the adjacent walls by filling the edge joints with acrylic.For an example of a curtain wall construction for noise insulation purposes, please see the testimonial "Neighbors / Curtain Walling”. 

Content: 0.5 m² (€35.80* / 1 m²)


soni EVA
soni EVA is a soft, elastic heavy layer on the basis of EPDM/EVA polymers with an admixture of flame-retardant minerals. Our soni EVA heavy layer is suitable specifically for technical applications, vehicles and machinery. It is designed to eliminate vibrations and drumming of sheet metal and metal parts. Applied to a metal structure, soni EVA will effectively reduce the sound level and prevent the transmission of noise and vibration. For soni EVA, the optional self-adhesive equipment of the rear face serves primarily as an installation aid. In the case of installation on a vertical surface or on a ceiling, we recommend additional mechanical fixation. 

Content: 0.5 m² (€27.80* / 1 m²)


soni DECOR
Our soni DECOR acoustic foam consists of polyurethane-ether foam laminated with a sound-absorbing non-woven surface layer. The black polyester non-woven is extremely robust as well as oil- and fuel-repellent. Due to the resistant non-woven surface, soni DECOR is widely used in technical applications. For instance, soni DECOR is ideally suited for use as sound-absorbing and heat-insulating interior lining in mobile homes, classic cars or other vehicles. Also in your home workshop, soni DECOR will achieve an effective noise reduction. Using a carpet knife, you can cut soni DECOR to the required size and shape. The material’s low weight as well as the optional self-adhesive rear face make for easy and time-saving installation. For fixing the non self-adhesive version we recommend our soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE. 

Content: 0.5 m² (€25.80* / 1 m²)


soni SB 700
Our soni SB 700 sound-insulation panel is a two-layer product consisting of a highly sound-absorbing, hydrophobic polyester non-woven and a synthetic heavy layer (soni EVA 6-01). This newly developed combination has both sound-absorbing and sound-insulating capacity with especially high effectiveness in the frequency range of compressors. This makes it the optimum solution for substantially reducing the noise pollution caused by the compressors typically used in heat pumps or air-conditioning systems. In a few simple steps you can build a DIY compressor jacket from our soni SB 700 noise control panels. All you need to do is to measure the compressor’s dimensions and cut corresponding parts from the soni SB 700 acoustic panel with a carpet knife. Then fit the pieces like a shell around the compressor and seal the joints with soni VLC adhesive tape.  Our assembly instructions illustrate the three easy steps to building a compressor shell.

Content: 0.5 m² (€63.80* / 1 m²)