Sound insulation of doors / roller shutter casings

To insulate or soundproof a door we recommend the application of our bitumen heavy foil soni HEAVY or soni HEAVY ALU on the door leaf. Doubling the mass of the sound attenuation material reduces the sound pressure level by 6dB. (A reduction by 10dB cuts the subjectively perceived noise level by half.)

Even more effective is the application of our soni COMPOSITE acoustic foam, a robust PUR ether foam that is laminated with a non-woven PES and a synthetic heavy foil (3kg/m²). The heavy foil increases the mass (doubling the mass –> improved sound insulation). The acoustic foam functions as a "sound dampening layer" that has to be applied on the side facing the noise source.




For optimum effectiveness, the recommended heavy foils and our soni COMPOSITE acoustic foam have to be glued on the door leaf but they need an additional mechanical fixation.

Before using any sound insulation or sound proofing material, please make sure that the doors are closing absolutely tight. Even the smallest gaps (e.g. keyholes or gap between door and floor) interfere enormously the noise insulation.

Please have a look at our customer's testimonials sound proofing a door.

To insulate doors / windows / roller shutter casings we recommend the following sound proofing products


Sound insulation soundproofing doorssoni COMPOSITE (heavy foil+PUR+non-woven surface)


Sound insulation soundproofing doorssoni HEAVY (heavy foil)


Sound insulation soundproofing doorssoni HEAVY ALU (heavy foil with aluminium surface)