Air-borne noise


Air-borne noise is a sound-wave that is transmitted through the air (in contrast to fluid- or solid-borne noise). Air-borne noise can be insulated and/or attenuated. Barrier to the propagation of air-borne noise, through encapsulation of the sound source, construction of sound protection cabins for persons, noise insulation walls between rooms etc.

We recommend the following acoustic sheets to insulate or attenuate air-borne noise:


air-borne noise sound deadening soni PROTECT


air-borne noise sound absorbing tiles soni PROTECT F


air-borne noise sound absorging foam soni TRAPEZ


air-borne noise sound insulation air-borne noise sound deadening soni RESIST


air-borne noise egg box type acoustic foam tiles soni WAVE


air-borne noise sound deadening soni DECOR


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